The Canon IXUS (- the first of the IXUS APS cameras - also marketed as Canon ELPH or Canon IXY) was Canon's famous small compact stylish contribution to the launch of the APS film system in May 1996, a camera with a lot of the APS extras. The IXUS was a milestone of modern compact camera design. Canon gave its first APS compacts an exciting individual note with the dark circle around the lens contrasting with the metal body. What stayed of its concept is the small, rectangular camera body with zoom lens in the middle. Many APS compacts and even more digital compacts have been styled like that since.

The IXUS body is a substantial metal-framed affair in a stainless-steel type finish, with the on-off button in the plastic disc containing the lens. The wrist strap has a small plastic lump in it, which is there to hold a pin to work the tiny buttons for setting the date and message. Many of these cameras have a minor fault, as shown in the "closed" picture - the flash does not close completely.

A special edition of gold-finished cameras was produced to commemorate Canon's 60th anniversary in September 1997. These had 18carat gold plating on some parts, and came in presentation boxes, together with a gold-trimmed remote control and a leather case to hold camera and control[1].


  • Type: fully automatic compact camera
  • Lens: f/4.5–6.2 24–48mm zoom
  • Focusing: active/passive/hybrid autofocus
  • Exposure: automatic, including +1.5 step exposure compensation in backlit condition
  • Shutter speed: set automatically between 2 and 1/500 sec.
  • Aperture: set automatically
    • wide: f/4.5–16
    • tele: f/6.2–32
  • Films: APS films of 25–10000 ISO film speed
  • Viewfinder: zoom viewfinder, showing the AF focusing area and LED indicators "ready" and "shake warning"
  • Flash: reaching as far as 3 meters (100 ISO film, lens in wide position)
  • Weight: 180 g without the CR-2 battery
  • Dimensions 90×60×27 mm

  1. Gold edition in the Canon Camera Museum


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