The Canon AE-1 was an extremely popular camera, but many users wanted the program auto exposure mode found on the A-1. Canon added program AE mode, upgraded the support for a new power winder (A2), and marketed the AE-1 Program, which became even more popular than the AE-1.


Market Value[]

The AE-1 and AE-1 Program were both enormous financial successes for Canon, in part because they pioneered cost-cutting measures that competitors had difficulty matching. The AE-1 series of cameras employed plastics and metalized plastics pervasively in its assemblies, whereas its big brother the A-1 was built far more robustly with machined gears. As a result, the AE-1 often suffers from shutter squeal, or worse, catastrophic failure that is not economically repaired. Despite this, because of its relative scarcity and historical popularity, the AE-1 Program retains value on the used market according to KEH and other various dealer pricing data. AuctionPriceTracker (apt) has exact price details about the AE-1 (EN/DE)

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