Not sure why this page shows up as orphaned... It's either a bug or something that I don't understand.

--Lbstone 08:04, 11 Nov 2004 (EST)

Orphaned pages Edit

The main page too

Probably because no other wiki page links directly back to the main page from within the same wiki. As the wiki is unaware of the left hand side menu (or doesn't take it into account least ways) it doesn't know that every page can link back to the main page. --Mhtaylor 12:10, 11 Nov 2004 (EST)


The status of the site seems to bee much better now. The flickr camerapedia group makes it easy to illustrate the articles. Status quo: not still orphaned, but in an intermediate state, may be next year this site will reach respect as a leading camera knowledge site. (U. Kulick, Apr. 22nd 2006)

request to update the active admin list Edit

Active Admin section is out of date Edit

As far as I can tell all the admins listed are either no longer active or are admins. I presume the currently active admins are now Wikia staff. It would be nice if someone in the know could update this list.

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