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Text published in Camerapedia[edit source]

All the text published in Camerapedia is copyrighted to its respective authors, whose name can be found in the revision history of each page. When they submitted their contribution, all of these authors chose to release this text under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Permission is therefore granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this text under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no invariant sections, no front-cover texts, and no back-cover texts. A copy of the license is included in this page entitled "GNU Free Documentation License".

Camerapedia is considered to be a collection of documents, as opposed to a single document. Every single page is a document in itself, comprising:

  • the title;
  • the main text, that is the publicly editable text of the document;
  • the licence and copyright statement situated at the bottom of the page.

Arguably, the page history too is part of the document.

Note that talk of "text" here does not merely cover what is in articles: article discussion (talk) pages, user pages, user talk pages, pages about Camerapedia, and more are also included.

Plagiarized and other (non-copyleft) copyrighted text should not be added to Camerapedia. (If you notice any such material, whether or not it is your own, please inform Camerapedia; your complaint will be dealt with as quickly as possible.) If such material is added to Camerapedia, either deliberately or by accident, this addition does not release it according to the GNU Free Documentation License.

Images within pages are not considered part of the document, but rather are aggregated with it (see below).

External links[edit source]

External links are of course allowed. They must be presented in order to make clear that the link is external. Depending on the context, the default mediawiki presentation (like [1] or this) might be considered insufficient, and addition of a full description of the page pointed to is encouraged.

When linking to a specific page or frame in an external website, it is strongly advised to add a link to the entry (main) page too.

For example: See the Copyrights page in the Camerapedia website is preferable to See here.

Direct links to anything else than an HTML page (like an image) is forbidden, except if the owner of the page has explicitly given permission for this.

Images published in Camerapedia[edit source]

The images published in Camerapedia are hosted in Flickr, see the page about Adding Images, except for some images that are directly hosted on other people's websites. Non-Flickr links are allowed only if the owner of the website has explicitly given permission to do so.

You can't upload any image to a Flickr account for insertion into Camerapedia: you need to make sure that you don't use other people's copyrighted pictures without their consent.

It has been debated whether you can publish a copyrighted picture in Camerapedia when the copyright owner allows the publication in Camerapedia without explicitly licensing the picture under Creative Commons, the GFDL or another so-called "free" licence. In practice, this has been widely done by some contributors. Others have disagreed because it harms the ability to redistribute the website. The current compromise is that whenever you can easily find a "free" picture illustrating what you want, you should use it; conversely the use of "unfree" pictures is tolerated for subjects which are hard to find, and when you feel that asking the copyright owner to release it under a "free" license would make it less plausible that he accepts giving permission to use his/her picture.

The images included in a Camerapedia document are considered to be aggregated with it (see section 7 of the GFDL). Thus an image published in Camerapedia is not in itself a Camerapedia document, and it keeps its original licensing status. This means that the right to re-use it and the potential restrictions to this right entirely depend on the original licensing status of the image. When the image is hosted by Flickr, you will find its licensing status on the Flickr page that the image is linked to. When it is hosted on another website, you must ask the owner of the website about its licensing status.

Note to re-users of Camerapedia content[edit source]

In any case, it is up to the potential re-user of Camerapedia content to check under which conditions he can re-use a Camerapedia document, a part of it or an aggregated document, and to properly attribute it when needed. Please note that Camerapedia cannot be held responsible if someone makes unauthorized use of its content.

Community content is available under GFDL unless otherwise noted.