Caution: The instructions were written before Wikia bought out in January, 2011. Wikia has its own image uploading and hosting facilities.

Images uploaded to the former Camerapedia pool on Flickr may be under licenses which do not allow their use in a commercially-hosted service such as this. In general you should only add images to articles which you yourself have uploaded to Wikia's servers.

Adding an image to Camerapedia is as simple as adding the URL for the image to the wiki text. However, you should be careful about two areas:

  1. The rights to use the image
  2. The hosting of the image

Hosting issues

Most of the images published in Camerapedia articles are currently hosted by other websites.

The images must be hosted by a person or organization explicitly consenting to having bandwidth used in this way, and you need to respect the relevant guidelines and restrictions.

One of these organizations is Flickr. This is free to join and post images to and actively encourages users to link to its images from elsewhere. We have set up a Flickr group for Camerapedia. To add a picture to this Flickr group implies willingness for the picture to be displayed in Camerapedia, whether the actual insertion in a Camerapedia page is made by you or by another contributor. We encourage you to take photos of your own camera gear and (with their permission) that of your friends, and to post the images to this Flickr group.

The Flickr guidelines page states that each picture hardlinked from another site (e.g. Camerapedia) must be provided with a link back to the relevant Flickr page. To respect this, you must insert a Flickr image in the following way:

[URL_of_the_Flickr_page_where_the_image_appears URL_of_the_Flickr_hosted_image]

This way a click on the image will directly take the reader to the corresponding Flickr page, and it will be easier to check that the use of this image in Camerapedia is allowed. The first URL mentioned is simply the address of the Flickr page where this image appears, while you can obtain the second URL in Flickr by clicking on "all sizes" and selecting the image size appropriate for Camerapedia.

Images on Wikia server

You can load up images to the server. You can choose an appropriate image license from the "Licensing" drop-down list of the upload page Special:Upload. The only working options are

  • I took this photo myself


  • This is copyrighted, but use is permitted by the copyright holder

These options add the Template:Self or the Template:Permission to the file description page.

For other licenses please add an appropriate license attribution to the file description text field before loading up, or edit the file description page after upload to add that info. If you load up the photo of someone else, you must have the permission, or the image license must be public domain, or must be a "Creative Commons" license, not excluding commercial use. The license attribution here must be the same as the image's original license.

Flickr images

Caution, See note at top of page. Wikia has its own image hosting services, and the Camerapedia Flickr pool contains images whose use may not be allowed here under their copyright notices.

Flickr's camerapedia group is the main image source. For ease of image usage a template can help:

Copy the following and paste it at the correct place in the camera page to insert an image from Flickr:

{{Flickr image

meaning of the template-attributes:

full URL of web page where the image is presented at Flickr
full URL of image (JPEG or GIF format)
right or left
brief explanation
image right status (optional attribute), must be one of the following:

IMPORTANT HINT: Use "Creative Commons" (noncommercial) or "All rights reserved" images only when they were given into the Flickr Camerapedia pool after January 23rd 2011. This rule should be obeyed until Wikia has requested and received successfully new image usage permissions from the image donators. This rule is important because "Creative Commons" (noncommercial) or "All rights reserved" images given to that pool until that date were explicitely given for a noncommercial wiki, the former original strictly noncommercial U. Kulick 17:02, March 31, 2011 (UTC)