Camera Club (カメラクラブ, Kamera kurabu) was the title of a monthly Japanese photographic magazine that ran from 1936 to 1940, and — after a break of over a decade and a spell as Shashin no Kyōshitsu — again from 1953 to 1955.

Camera Club was published by Ars (アルス, Arusu), whose magazine Ars Camera was already renowned, as the continuation of a twenty-volume series (1935–6), Arusu Saishin Shashin Daikōza (アルス最新写真大講座, i.e. "Comprehensive Ars course in the latest photography"). It was intended as an introductory magazine for a mass audience, and its first issue was dated October 1936. Its last was dated December 1940, whereupon it was merged with Ars Camera and Shashin Salon to create Shashin Bunka.

After the war, Ars took some time to revive the magazine, preceding it first with a quarterly, Tokushū Camera (特集カメラ, from 1949), then the irregularly-appearing Bessatsu Camera (別冊カメラ, from 1950),[1] and from June 1951 a monthly magazine similar to the prewar Camera Club, Shashin no Kyōshitsu (写真の教室), whose title means "photography classroom".

From the January 1953 issue, the magazine regained its prewar title of Camera Club, together with a change of editor. Its last issue was that of February 1955.


  1. Tokushū Camera (Tokushū kamera) and Bessatsu Camera (Bessatsu kamera) mean respectively either (a) "special collection on cameras" and "special issue on cameras", or, more likely, (b) "special collection of [Ars] Camera and "special issue of [Ars] Camera".


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