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The Briton was a medium format falling plate box camera, made by Houghton's in London, England, c.1909.


  • Film: Plates 6x9cm or 8x10cm
  • Lens: Cooke, or Rapid Aplanat, rotating stops, focusing scale
  • Shutter: ever set, one speed, instant and time
  • Viewfinders: two brillinat finders, automatic frame counter and two portrait lenses for portraits at 90cm and 180cm
  • Body: aluminum, covered in the finest morocco leather with nickel fittings

The no. 2 has a divided back for removing exposed plates without interfereing with unexposed ones, three portrait lenses. No. 3 has a better achromatic lens and two real brilliant finders.

There were four models:[1]

  • Briton No.1 - 6 plates 6x9cm
  • Briton No.1a - 12 plates 6x9cm
  • Briton No.2 - 6 plates 8x10cm
  • Briton No.3 - 12 plates 8x10cm

Notes and referencesEdit

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