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The Bolsey C is a 35mm TLR introduced by Bolsey in 1950. It is based on the Bolsey B2, and has the same kind of cast aluminium body. The taking lens is a fixed Wollensak Anastigmat 44/3.2 with helical focusing, and the leaf shutter is a synchronized Wollensak giving T, B, 10–200 speeds, marked Synchro Matic with red lightnings. The viewing lens is the same as the taking lens, and the reflex finder is of the waist level type. Strangely, the Bolsey C keeps the coupled split image rangefinder of the Bolsey B, and an off-centered separate optical viewfinder. This combination of a reflex viewer with an optical viewfinder and rangefinder was also a feature of the Alpa, another design of the designer Jacques Bolsey. The Bolsey C is marked BOLSEY MODEL C TWIN LENS REFLEX on the front.

The Bolsey C22 is a variant of the model C, launched in 1953, with a system called Set-o-matic to couple the aperture to the distance for flash photography. It is marked BOLSEY MODEL C22 SET-O-MATIC TWIN LENS REFLEX on the front.

The sales of the Bolsey C series stopped in 1956. The Bolsey C exists in a Treasure Chest set, with the camera, an eveready case, a flash holder, flash bulbs, a filter set, a lens hood and a leather case for the hood and filters, all together in a red cardboard case (seen in an eBay auction).


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