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The Blondy is a Japanese subminiature announced in 1949 by Kashiwa Seikō.


The Blondy takes ten 14×14mm exposures, presumably on 17.5mm paper backed rollfilm. It has higher specifications than the Midget or Mycro cameras using the same format.

The viewfinder is contained in the middle of a sleek top housing. There is a body release, a rare feature on this class of subminiature cameras, emulated by the New Midget III only two years later.[1] The release linkage is covered by a small cylindrical fairing next to the lens barrel. The film is advanced by a gear at the left, half covered by the top housing. The back is presumably hinged to the left, and there is a spring-loaded latch on the right. The film advance is certainly controlled via a red window in the back.

The shutter gives B, 25, 50, 100 speeds.[2] It has a lever on the side, certainly used for winding. The lens is a Blondy Anastigmat 20mm f/4.5 made of four elements, again a rare feature on a subminiature camera.[3]

The name BLONDY is engraved above the viewfinder, together the word PATENTS and the company name KASHIWASEIKO CO.

Commercial life[]

The Blondy was briefly advertised in the July and August 1949 issues of Kohga Gekkan.[4] It is also mentioned in an article of Photo Art December 1949 on Japanese cameras, where the price is quoted as "less than ¥2,500".[5] It was certainly made in very small quantities, and no surviving example has been observed so far.


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The Blondy is not listed in Sugiyama.