Blackbird Fly Colors

The Blackbird, Fly is a 35mm TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) plastic camera. It is considered by many to be a TLR version of the classic "Holga" camera, which was itself a successor to the "Diana," both of which have something of a cult following. While some refer to the Holga a “toy” camera, many defend it's honor having relied on it to take beautiful photographs. Most Holgas tend to be unpredictable and have light leaks, and those leaks are never quite the same between any two units. For it's fans, this unpredictability contributes to much of its charm.

Focal Points[]

  • The Blackbird, Fly, is a Twin Lens Reflex camera, meaning that there are two objective lenses: One for taking the photograph, and one for the waist-level viewfinder. Behind the viewfinder lens is a mirror at a 45-degree angle, which reflects upwards through a matter focusing screen surrounded by a small hood used to block some light and reduce reflection on the screen. This creates an image on the screen identical to what will be captured on film through the photographic lens.
  • Whereas most TLR cameras use the harder to find 120mm film, the Blackbird, Fly uses 35mm film which is easier to get developed at a wider range of photomats.
  • 3 format options are available through the use of masks that come with the camera: normal 35mm (24mm x 36mm), square format (24mm x 24mm), and large square format (36mm x 36mm).
  • Many TLRs are hundreds of dollars, and while some of them are worth it, the Blackbird, Fly is only around $100 (USD).
  • With a variety of color options available, there is a Blackbird, Fly to fit any personality.