The Bella was a line of cheap but attractive and well-built 120, 127 roll film and 35mm cameras made by Bilora in Germany. The Bellas went through several revisions over the life of the name. The body was based on alloy castings, with added leather-effect covering - in various colour combinations. Each was styled a little more like a 35mm camera than a roll film one. The back was removable for film loading, and most models featured a different, large back catch.

The 44 models took twelve 4x4cm images on 127 film; the 46 models made 6x4cm frames on 127, and the 66 models took 6x6 photos on 120 film.

The Bella 44-1 was also sold by Ansco, rebadged as the Ansco Lancer. Bilora also used the names Roxa, Bonita and Reporter for Bella variants.

  • Manufacturer: Bilora, Germany
  • Shutter: B, 1/50, 1/100s
  • In production: 1953-1966

Bella Cameras[edit | edit source]

Dates from

Name Film/Images Lens Approx.
Bella 1 - The Ur-Bella 4x6.5, 127 Achromat 70mm/f9
Bella DC 4 Vario 120 Rodenstock Trinar 55mm/f5.6 1959
Bella DC 4 Pronto 120 Rodenstock Trinar 55mm/f3.5 1960-61
Bella DC 4 2a
Bella DC 4 2b 120 Rodenstock Achromat f8 1964-66
Bella 35-1 36x24mm, 35mm Rodenstock Trinar 45mm/f5.6 1958
Bella 35-2 36x24mm, 35mm Rodenstock Trinar 45mm/f2.8 1959
Bonita 35-2 36x24mm, 35mm Isco Color-Isconar 45mm/f2.8 1961

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