Wilhelm Bermpohl was a cabinetmaker in Berlin (Germany). His company was famous for making 3-color cameras. Such a camera divides the light which is incoming through the lens with the help of semipermeable mirrors into three light bundles, each giving one image on one of three film plates. The light reaches every of the three film plates in the camera through different color filters. With such a camera real-life scenes could be photographed as 3-color printer's original. The original designer of these cameras was none less than Dr. Adolf Miethe, the co-inventor of the magnesium flash.

Bermpohl and Miethe introduced their first 3-color camera in 1903. For some of these cameras the lenses were designed by Dr. Miethe.

Bermpohl & Co. continued making 3-color cameras, sophisticated professional studio cameras and others until 1956.

Maybe the company moved to Neumünster, or it had a branch there since a monorail camera of a company "Bermpohl Apparate-Bau Neumünster" exists.

Camera industry in Berlin
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