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The Bell & Howell Electric Eye 127 is an auto-exposure 4×4cm 127 film viewfinder camera made by Bell & Howell around 1958. It has a single fixed shutter speed and the aperture is controlled either by the selenium cell or by an aperture slider hidden under the nameplate below the lens. There are two film speed settings controlled by a dial on the side of the viewfinder: red triangle for Anscochrome/Ektachrome/Kodacolor and white dot for Super Anscochrome/All Weather Pan/Verichrome Pan. A red flag will appear in the bottom of the viewfinder if there is insufficient light.

The camera appears to have been sold with two different finishes: silver enamel with black leatherette and black enamel with a grey, denim-like covering. The flash handle and camera cases used a matching covering.

The camera was advertised in 1957 as follows; The Infallible ELECTRIC EYE STILL CAMERA--This amazing new Electric Eye still camera sets itself for you automatically...instantly...continuously. All you do is point and press the button. You'll take 12 sharp, brilliant color slides--or exciting full-color prints--or crisp, black-and-white size "127" snapshots your very first try.