The Precisa IIa was made by Beier and launched in 1956. It is a solid two-format self-erecting folding camera for type No. 120 rollfilm. [1]

Its specialty is its optical viewfinder with superimposed uncoupled rangefinder. The measured distance can be read from a very small window on the camera's top. The window shows a distance value from a scale that is imprinted on the rangefinder's thumb-wheel. The turnable front lens element allows focusing from ca. 90 cm to infinity. The camera is equipped with a Ludwig Meritar 1:3.5 f=75mm lens in a flash synchronized Tempor or Junior leaf shutter. The shutter release button is on top of the camera, beside the rangefinder. Inside the camera has hinged film spool holders to facilitate film unloading. A 4.5×6 frame can be mounted inside. Two closeable red windows are in the camera's back, one as 6×6 exposure counter, the other for 4.5×6 exposures. The viewfinder frame can be set from square to rectangle format by means of a little shifter beside the ocular.

There are two versions of the Precisa IIa:

  • First one has a small rounded rangefinder and the engraving on the front is "Precisa" and no "IIa" marking.
  • Second one has a square rangefinde window and a metal plate engraved "Precisa IIa" on front of the camera.
Precisa IIa

Precisa IIa first version image in mflenses

Notes and references[]

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