The Beauty Super II 35mm fixed lens rangefinder camera was made in 1958 by Beauty Camera (Taiyōdō Koki). There were three versions, featuring:

  • Either a Canter-S 45mm / f1.9 with 10-bladed aperture, or Canter-S 45mm / f2.0 or Canter 45mm / f2.8 lens with 5-bladed aperture. All were coupled to rangefinder.
  • Either a Copal MXV shutter in the f1.9 version, or a Copal SV shutter in f2.0 and f2.8 versions, both with M and X flash sync.

Either with shutter speeds B, 1sec to 1/500s.

The Super II was developed from the 1957 Beauty Canter.

A small point of interest is that for this camera a date is stamped in ink inside the bottom cover. For instance the date '33 8 15' would be the year Showa 33 (1958), August 15. Whether this date is the date of assembly, or just the date the bottom plate was made, is unknown.


The Super II was rebadged as the Varicon S II, with a Canter 45mm / f2.8 lens. The logo was changed to "Varicon B.C.C." (Beauty Camera Company)


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