The Beauty Lightomatic is a series of 35mm rangefinder cameras made by Beauty Camera from 1959 to 1963. The early Lightomatics helped pioneer integral coupled metering, following the Mamiya Elca, Minolta Autowide and Konica S, made possible by their use of the Copal SV series of shutters.

List of versions:

  • Beauty Lightomatic or Beauty LM
  • Beauty Lightomatic II
  • Beauty Lightomatic III, Lightmatic III and Beauty Lite III
  • Beauty Lightmatic SP

It is sometimes said that the "Lightomatic LM" is a name variant of the Lightomatic II, but this is perhaps a mistake. A Beauty LM2 is also reported.[1]

The Beauty Lightomatic or LMEdit

The 1959 Lightomatic featured:

  • Coupled selenium meter with rounded match-needle meter window on top. Lens barrel aperture and shutter speed settings electro-mechanically coupled with meter, and film speed indexed ASA 6-800 as well from lens barrel scale. Note that symbols that rotate right of meter window are only film reminders.
  • Brightline etched at eyepiece lens with automatic parallax correction
  • Copal-SV shutter with speeds: B, 1sec to 1/500s, M and X flash synchronization and self timer. Shutter speeds can be interlocked with aperture.
  • Beauty-S or Canter-S 45mm / f1.9 lens, with 6 elements in 4 groups and 5 aperture blades.

The Beauty Lightomatic was developed from the Beauty Super L.

The Beauty Lightomatic IIEdit

The 1960 Lightomatic II featured:

  • Cosmetic restyle and improvement of Lightomatic / LM chassis.
  • Addition of brightline finder window at front panel.
  • Coupled selenium meter with squared match-needle window on top, and magnified match-needle window seen in finder.
  • Copal-SV shutter with speeds B, 1sec to 1/500s.
  • Biokor-S 45 mm / f1.9 lens with 5 aperture blades. Rotation for focusing is opposite from earlier lenses.

And again the advance lever must be pulled out to unlock shutter release.

The Beauty Lightomatic III, Lightmatic III and Lite IIIEdit

The Lightomatic third generation was introduced by Beauty Camera in 1961. These were engraved Lightomatic III, Lightmatic III or Beauty Lite III (in script font). The metering arrangement was significantly revised and featured:

The last camera made by Beauty Camera was the 1963 Lightmatic SP.




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