Beauty Beaumat

The Beaumat was a 35mm fixed-lens rangefinder camera introduced in 1960 by the Beauty Camera Company, featuring:

  • F.C. Biokor 45mm / f2.8 lens coupled to rangefinder. Focus ring was scaled in feet (in orange) and meters (in white). The focus ring is operated by a lever protruding below the lens barrel.
  • Copal-SV shutter with speeds B, 1sec to 1/500s.
  • front-mounted selenium metercell surrounding lens bezel, similar to that featured on the later Lightomatic III.
  • match-needle windowed display pod attached to the lens barrel.
  • shutter button lock, unlocked by slightly re-engaging the advance lever as in the earlier Lightomatics.

Its name "Beaumat" was the manufacturer's invention for "Beauty Automat"

The thin black ring around the front of the lens barrel is the film speed setting, followed by the shutter speed ring, then the aperture ring. These rings are electro-mechanically coupled to the meter, as in the earlier Lightomatics. Adjusting the shutter speed and/or the aperture setting will affect the meter needle. When the needle is centered in the pod display bar, proper exposure is indicated for a given film speed.