The Baldaxette was a coupled-rangefinder folding camera launched by the German company Balda in the mid-1930s.

The Baldaxette I (1936) was the 4.5×6 version and the Baldaxette II (1937) the 6×6 version. They were nearly identical aside from the film format. They were based on the Baldax body for #0 shutter size. The cameras were first sold in black and later in chrome, with the coupled rangefinder and the viewfinder in separate windows under a long top housing. The styling of the later chrome version was very similar to that of the bigger 6×9 model Super Pontura.

The lenses available on the Baldaxette included:

All were available with the Compur OS shutter to 1/250s, and could be optionally fitted with the Compur-Rapid shutter to 1/400s.


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