The Azur were 6×9 folding cameras sold by the French distributor Boumsell. They had Azur embossed in the body, and the rollfilm holders were inside the hinged back.

Most ads observed (see the links) are from 1949 and mention from three to five models, for example in one ad shown here:

  • Azur Stanard, Nicor meniscus lens & 4 speed shutter
  • Azur V, Boyer Topaz f/4.5 lens & 4 speed shutter
  • Azur B luxe, Boyer Topaz f/4.5 coated lens & 4 speed shutter

It is presented here with a Roussel Trylor 105/4.5 lens and a T-B-25-50-100-150 shutter only marked Azur and Paris - France. It is illustrated in McKeown with the same type of shutter marked Gitzo 2R.

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