The Aviso is a 4.5×6cm magazine camera made by Hüttig, then ICA.

The original model appeared in 1907 as a renaming of the 4.5×6 Gnom, from which it shows no visible difference.[1] The camera has a metal body shaped as a box and contains six glass plates. The drop-plate changing mechanism is controlled by a lever at the top of the camera. The brilliant finder is detachable and can be clipped on one of two pins: at the top for vertical pictures or on the side for horizontal pictures. The simple shutter has Time and Instant settings and is not self-capping. The lens cap is attached to the camera by a cord, and must be used each time the shutter is set.

This model was continued after 1909 by ICA. An original advertisement gives the price of 4 Mark for the camera alone (item Nr.1).[2] The camera was also offered in a full kit with various darkroom accessories. The full kit was priced at 8.50 Mark (item Nr.2) and the accessory set alone was available for 4.50 Mark (item Nr.2a).

The Aviso Nr.1 was modified in 1914 by the adoption of a shutter casing, and an Aviso Nr.4 was introduced at the same time.[3] A new version of the Aviso Nr.4 was released after World War I, and the Aviso models were continued until the mid-1920s.[4]

The Aviso was sold by Butcher in the UK as the Little Nipper, the same as its predecessor the Hüttig Gnom.


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