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The Auto Victor (オートビクター) is a Japanese 4.5×6 camera, made in 1937 and 1938 by Motodori and based on the Victor folders made by the same company.[1]


The Auto Victor is based on the body of the Victor folders, but the bellows is replaced by a telescopic tube supporting the lens and shutter assembly. The folding optical finder is offset to the left end of the top plate, leaving space for an optional auxiliary rangefinder attached to an accessory shoe on the right. The advance knob is at the bottom right. The back is hinged to the left and the back latch is covered by a leather handle. The name AUTO VICTOR is embossed in the front leather.

Advertisements and other documents[]

The Auto Victor was featured in the new products column of the December 1937 issue of Asahi Camera.[2] In an advertisement dated June 1938,[3] the Auto Victor was offered with a Rulex A shutter by Neumann & Heilemann and a Delter Anastigmat lens, in two versions:

The auxiliary rangefinder was offered for about ¥15. In the advertising picture, the camera is shown with the rangefinder attached, and the shutter plate of the Rulex is of the late type (see Rulex).

No example of the Auto Victor has been observed yet, and it is not known if it was effectively sold.


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The Auto Victor is not listed in Sugiyama.