The Bell & Howell Auto 35/Reflex ('DESIGN 237') is a fixed rear-lens SLR with an EX-mount front element that can be swapped to change the focal length.

This camera is a rebadged Canon EX EE SLR (with their QL feature) for 35mm film.

Available front elements:

  • 50mm f/1.8
  • 35mm f/3.5
  • 95mm f/3.5
  • 125mm f/3.5


  • EE (Electric Eye) aperture priority auto exposure.
  • Full manual mode. The light meter does not work in manual mode.
  • Aperture value displayed in the viewfinder.
  • QL (Quick Load) 135 film system.
  • Mechanical shutter speeds do not require a battery to function.


  • Film type: 135
  • Filter size: 48mm (50mm f/1.8)
  • Focus type: Manual focus
  • Lens mount: Canon EX mount
  • Year: Early 1970s
  • Battery: 1.3V mercury battery
  • Shutter speeds: 1/8s to 1/500s, bulb mode and self-timer (approximately 10s max)
  • Aperture values on dial: f/1.8-16 (actual value depends on front element)
  • Flash sync: X-sync at 1/60s
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