The Honeywell Auto/Strobonar 770 is a handle mount electronic flash unit with auto and manual flash setting capabilities. The rear of the flash head utilizes a rotating scale for auto range and manual distance/ f-stop calculations. The knob in the center of the dial is used to select either auto or manual modes. The flash cord is removable and connects to the underside of the flash head with an AC type plug. A wide variety of camera end connections are available such as PC, two post socket or camera specific. Four Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries are factory installed into a removable battery tray that slides into the rear of the flash head. A weak battery tray can be switched out very quickly for a spare fully charged battery tray to insure continuous shooting. The Honeywell Rapid Charger charges the battery tray through the flash and connects to the flash unit using a keyed three prong socket type plug located under the front neck of the flash head. Various handle quick release mounts are available. The flash head is not movable in itself, but can be detached from the quick release mount and hand held for custom lighting or bounce. However since the eye sensor is mounted right along side the flash face plate, auto exposure cannot be used for bounce lighting, manual mode and calculations need to be performed for bounce lighting.



  • Guide number: (Kodachrome II) 80
  • Automatic range: 2-22 ft.
  • Power source: Ni-Cad
  • Min. flashes per charge: 80
  • Max. recycle time: 8-15 sec.
  • Light angle: 50°
  • Dimensions: 4 X 3.6 X 9.3 in.
  • Weight: 24 oz.

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