Asanuma Shashinki-ten (浅沼写真機店) was a Japanese distributor in the late 1920s and 1930s, based in the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo.[1] In the mid-1930s, the company advertised Leica cameras.[2] In the second half of the 1930s, it was distributing photographic products under the Leiket brand,[3][4] sometimes displaying KAPPA markings.[3] It seems that this company was not related to Asanuma Shōkai, but this is not known for sure.[5]

Distributed products[]

The company sold a number of copies of German accessories in the second half of the 1930s:

  • prism finder,[3] copy of the Leica AUFSU[6]
  • angle finder for Contax I,[3] copy of the Zeiss 436/3
  • copies of the Rolleipar and Rollei Proxar[3]
  • filters and hoods for the Rollei[3]
  • Leiket close-up lenses[3][4]
  • Leiket filters[4]
  • Leiket hoods[4]
  • repro stands[3]
  • flash guns[3]
  • release cables[3]
  • ever-ready cases[3]
  • 35mm film cassettes[3]
  • Leiket enlarger[3]
  • Leiket 75/4.5 enlarging lens[4]
  • Leiket darkroom accessories[3]


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