Asahi Graph (アサヒグラフ, Asahi gurafu) was a Japanese weekly pictorial magazine that ran from 1923 till 2000.

Asahi Graph started on 25 January 1923 as a daily feature from Asahi Shinbunsha (publisher of Asahi Shinbun and soon also of Asahi Camera); this ran until 1 September 1923 when it was stopped by the major earthquake in Tokyo. It was back as a weekly from 14 November. In 1926 it was joined by Asahi Graphic (朝日グラフィック) which the Osaka branch of Asahi Shinbunsha had been publishing since 2 January 1921.

Asahi Graph survived the war and reemerged as something of a Japanese equivalent of the US magazine Life. (Mainichi Graph, from Asahi's rival Mainichi Shinbunsha, was similar.) The last regular issue of the magazine is dated 13 October 2000.

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