Arax or AraxFoto is a Ukrainian company located in Kiev. It is currently (2008) owned by Gevorg Vartanyan, and has hired engineers and technicians from the Arsenal factory. Before 2003, Arax was selling its production only in the ex-USSR. After that date, the Arax products have been exported to other countries as well.


Arax upgrades all types of medium format cameras, lenses and accessories produced in the Arsenal factory, including the Kiev-6C, Kiev-60, Kiev-88, Kiev-88CM, Salyut, Salyut-C or Zenit-80. In combination with this upgrading activity, the company also repairs and services Kiev cameras and lenses.

Arax also makes SE (Special Edition) camera coverings with genuine leather in a variety of colours and patterns, some of which have the customer name on the side of camera.

Shift and tilt lenses[]

Arax makes shift lenses for medium format cameras and lenses with tilt and shift functions for 35mm cameras in various lens mounts (Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Pentax, Sony etc.)

The company also develops and produces tilt and shift adapters, allowing to use any Pentacon Six mount lenses on digital or analog 35mm camera bodies. They give 8 degree tilting or shifting ability and 360 degree rotation.