Aram Kōgaku Kenkyūjo (アラム光学研究所) was a Japanese company. It was founded in 1953 or early 1954 by Nakagawa Kenzō (中川幹三), who had created the Leotax rangefinder camera and founded Shōwa Kōgaku in 1938.[1]

In the summer of 1954, the company announced the Aram Automat, a 6×6 folder with many advanced features. It was produced in a simpler form as the Aram Six, but only about 100 examples were made.

Aram Kōgaku also worked as a subcontractor of Konishiroku: the auto-stop advance mechanism of the Pearl III was designed by Nakagawa Kenzō and supplied at a pace of about 2,000 per month.[2] The company disappeared after the failure of the Aram Six.


  1. Date 1953 and first name Kenzō: Sugiyama, pp.47 and 76, based on an interview of Mr Nakagawa himself. The first name Kennosuke (謙之助) is given in Lewis, p.86, and in Japanese magazines of the 1950s (according to Kuno, pp.96–7 of Kurashikku Kamera Senka no.8), but this is surely a mistake. Lewis, p.86, says that Aram was founded in April 1954.
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