The Ansco Super Regent is an Ansco re-badged version of the Agfa Super Solinette, made in Munich, Germany by Agfa. A 35mm folding camera, it has a very nice coupled superimposed rangefinder combined with the viewfinder. The lens is an Agfa Solinar f/3.5 50mm lens mounted in a Syncho-Compur shutter, with the shutter speed ring also scaled in Exposure Values, with a pointer coupled to the aperture setting lever. The Solinar is a 4 element, 3 group design similar to the Zeiss Tessar.

The frame counter is manually reset, and, surprisingly, the camera uses a round knob for the film advance, although the Agfa Karat 36, its predecessor, had had a rapid advance lever since the late 1940's. Another "step backwards" is the manual shutter cocking. The camera's folding bed is opened by a release button on the end (seen on the photo just below the rewind knob). Despite the aforementioned cost savings, the build quality is excellent.

The Ansco Regent is a viewfinder version (without the rangefinder), similar to the Agfa Solinette, and which also has a different lens and shutter.

  • Shutter: Prontor-SV, 1s–1/300 + B
  • Lens: Agfa Apotar, 50mm f/3.5, stopping to f/22