The Speedex was made by the merged Agfa/Ansco company in Binghamton, NY. in 1940. It uses 120 film and takes 6x6 photos.

The Speedex B2 has 85mm f/4.5 Agfa Anastigmat lens. The shutter has speeds from 1/2 to 1/250 shutter speeds plus B and T settings. There is no interlock which prevents double exposures. The bellows were not made of leather, so often pinholes have developed in them.

The Speedex B2 Junior was a much simpler camera. It also took 120 film, but the lens only had setting from f/11 to f/22 and the shutter only had two speeds: an "Instant" (presumably around 1/60) and a Time setting.

Another rare model with the same characteristics than the speedex was made by Agfa/Ansco company in Binghamton, NY. and was called Agfa B 2 Commander.

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