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The Anny 44 (アニー44) is an inexpensive Japanese camera taking 4×4cm pictures on 127 film, made by Hōei from 1960. (It was featured in the new products columns of Japanese magazines in May 1960.)[1]


The body of the Anny 44 roughly imitates a 35mm rangefinder camera, with some design features of the Nikon rangefinder models. The designer even added a part imitating the Nikon focusing wheel, actually a shutter lock. Of course, the rangefinder window is a fake too, serving as the shutter lock indicator. There is an accessory shoe and a PC synch connector situated behind the body release.

The advance knob is at the top right, as seen by the photographer. The back is hinged to the right and contains a single red window to control the film advance, protected by a horizontally sliding cover.

The camera is identified by the name Anny–44 engraved at the top and a red nameplate between the viewfinder window and the shutter lock indicator, inscribed ANNY 44 in white capital letters.

The lens is fixed-focus and is mounted in a cheap looking barrel. It is usually marked HOEI INDUSTRIAL CO. and HOEI LENS 1:8 F=5cm. No speed setting is available, and the shutter takes Instant pictures only. The aperture is set from 8 to 22 by a lever on the side of the lens barrel; indications are added, recommending f/8 and f/11 for COLOR (f/8 is Dull and f/11 is Bright), and f/16 and f/22 for B&W.

Name variants[]

The Kalimar 44 is a rebadged version, sold by Kalimar Inc. The name Kalimar 44 is engraved above the top housing, and the red nameplate at the front now reads Kalimar. The lens rim is inscribed KALIGAR "FOCUS–SET" LENS at the top and 1:8 F=60mm at the bottom.[2] (At least one mixed example is known, with Anny 44 body markings of and Kaligar lens markings.)[3]

The Colt 44 is a further name variant, similar to the Kalimar 44 but for the name COLT 44 inscribed in the red nameplate (the top marking remains as Kalimar 44).[4]




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