Template:Japanese postwar 6×6 TLR (A–L) The Amiflex is a 6×6 TLR camera that was produced around 1953–4 by Kanto Optical Corp. It focuses with the front cells of both lenses, which are geared together. Film advance uses a red window on the back, protected by a vertically sliding cover. There is a decorative metal plate with black vertical stripes around the lenses.

The first models have a pair of Ami 80mm f/3.5 lenses and an NKS shutter (B, 1–200) with self-timer and flash synchronization.

The first Amiflex variant has no sportsfinder. It is advertised in December 1953[1] for ¥9,000 (including case), distributed by Satsuki Shashin Shōkai, together with the similarly priced Daido Six.

The next variant has a sportsfinder in the viewing hood with a round AMI logo. It is advertised by the same distributor in February 1954[2] for ¥9500 (including case). McKeown pictures this variant, together with a later one having a different viewing hood with a hexagonal AMI logo, and also mentions an NKS-TB shutter.

There is an Amiflex II. McKeown mentions two variants. The early one is very similar to the previous model except the RKS shutter, X synchronized via a PC connector. The later one has changes in the nameplate and in the back door latch and a 1/300 top speed. A late Amiflex II is pictured in this page of the website with Amitar Anastigmat lenses and an Ami shutter to 1/300.

During World War II, there was an Ami 4.5×6 folder; it is unknown if this is related.


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