For the Polish cast-alloy 35mm camera, see Alfa.

Alfa Camera Seisakusho (アルファカメラ製作所, Arufa Kamera Seisakusho) was a Japanese company, which made the Alfaflex and Cosmoflex TLR cameras from 1952 to 1954. Its address was Nerima-ku Minamimachi (練馬区南町) 3–6016 in Tokyo,[1] and it used the English name Alfa Optical Co. for some camera markings.[2]

The name Cosmo was re-used from 1955 by Cosmo Camera Seisakusho, certainly the successor of Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku. The latter was certainly the supplier of the TSK shutters of the Alfaflex and Cosmoflex II. Cosmo Camera Seisakusho was perhaps the result of a merge between Tōyō Seiki Kōgaku and Alfa Camera Seisakusho.


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  2. The name Alfa Kōki (アルファ光機) given here and here at Japan Family Camera and here at Aya's Camera is certainly a wrong back translation of "Alfa Optical Co."



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