CORONET folding Ajax 1289

Coronet Ajax Folding

Coronet Ajax (Tiranty) is a folding 120 film camera manufactured under license of Coronet Co., Birmingham, England by Tiranty Company, Paris, France and produced post-WW2 times, about 1940s.

Ajax was also made in England, probably pre-WW2 times. The real producing times and makers are in uncertainty.[1]

Coronet was a British camera maker based in Birmingham. It manufactured a variety of cheap box and folding cameras until 1967. After the WW2 it worked together with the French company Tiranty to avoid French import restrictions. Several Coronet camera models were made in France, some with Boyer lenses, and some with instruction imprints in French.

Do not confuse with a Coronet box camera with the same name.

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  • The name Ajax is on top of the camera and on front of the lens, no Coronet name on the camera
  • Format 6x9cm, film 120 roll
  • Self-erecting bellows
  • Lens Anastigmat 105mm f/
  • Focus: front focusing
  • Shutter: 3 speeds
  • Waist level brilliant viewfinder
  • There is a blue colored model also

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Sylvain Halgand says in his website: Ajax is a camera made in Great Britain as the “Made in England” on the film advance knob indicates it , but dedicated (at least for this model) to the French-speaking market, as indicated by the inscriptions “objectif” and “mètres”. I have not been able to identify the maker of it, it is difficult for me to say some more on its origin and its age. The system retaining the flap is similar to that of Coronet, but contrary to the usual practice for the cameras from this maker, the name does not appear. This is a very beautiful camera, extremely well finished. The metal parts are painted with a very beautiful black lacquer. Covering is made of dark blue coloured leather or imitation. The front face of the shutter is dark blue painted. From recent searches, I discovered that the Company “Spécialités Tiranty” (Import / distribution of Coronet products in France) did deposit the name “Ajax” for the cameras etc.. at the clerk's office of the commercial court of the Seine (no 317056) the 21st of October 1937. This is to be added to the likeness to the Coronet foldings and leads to associate the name AJAX with Coronet .... without any certainty.[1]


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