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The Aires Penta 35 was a version in a family of fixed-lens leaf-shutter 35mm SLR cameras produced by Aires from 1959 to 1960. The camera was also marketed in the UK as Aires Reflex 35, and was later rebranded as the Aires Ever. These three versions did not have light meters.

The Penta LM version had a built-in selenium light meter photocell set in the front bezel of its pentaprism. The light meter window was located on top, reading in EV with a chase needle but without a match needle. The given exposure value had to be manually set on the lens' shutter speed & F-stop rings.

The Ever was the last leaf-shutter SLR mass marketed by Aires. A slightly restyled Penta 35 version with selenium light meter may have been introduced in the Japanese market just as Aires went out of business.

Technical specifications[]

  • Seikosha SLV behind-the-lens leaf-shutter with speeds B, 1sec to 1/500s.
  • non-interchangeable Aires Q-Coral 4-element 45mm / f2.8 lens or H-Coral 6-element 50mm / f2.0 lens.
  • 90mm / f4 telephoto and 36mm / f4 wide-angle conversion lenses attached onto the front of the fixed lens. Tele and wide-angle viewfinders attached to the accessory shoe.
  • fresnel focusing screen.


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