AGI (Aeronautical and General Instruments Co. of Croydon, England), a maker of instruments for military purposes, was founded in 1915. In 1936 it was based in Croydon. It made a military aerial reflex camera which resembled the Reflex Korelle. After the war British imports of optical goods were limited so that it was an attractive opportunity for AGI to found Agilux Ltd. in 1946 (or 1947) as a subsidiary to make cameras for the civilian market. Among the first products was a civilian successor of AGI'S reflex camera, the Agiflex. As well as their own brand, Agilux made cameras for others, including Ilford. Most of AGI's products were slightly unusual in that AGI made all of the components, including the lenses and shutters. The company abandoned camera production in the early 1960s. AGI (now Aeronautical & General Instruments Ltd.) still manufactures a wide range of instruments and systems, for the Defence and Civil markets in Poole Dorset.

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