Solina is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Agfa and produced between 1960-62.

It is a name variant of Agfa Silette (1958 type 3), for distribution of in USA by Montgomery Ward. [1]

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  • Lens: Agfa Color-Apotar 45mm f/3.5 filter slip-on serial no. none
    • Aperture: up to f/22
    • Focus range: 3.5-30 feet +inf
  • Focusing: manual front cell focusing, ring, distance and DOF scales on the lens
  • Shutter: Pronto, speeds: 1/25-1/200 +B
  • Shutter release: on the top plate, w/ cable release socket
  • Cocking lever: also winds the film, long stroke, on the back of the top-plate
  • Frame counter: manual reset, advance type, like thumb ring, on the back lower side of the camera
  • Viewfinder: Newton optical finder
  • Re-wind knob: on the top plate, pull out and turn
  • Re-wind release: on the bottom plate
  • Flash PC socket: on the front plate
  • Cold-shoe
  • Memory dial: on the re-wind knob
  • Self-timer
  • Back cover: hinged, opens by a latch on the left side of the camera
  • Engraving on the bottom plate: Made in Germany
  • Tripod socket: ¼"
  • Strap lugs : none
  • Body: metal; Weight: 383g
  • Serial no. on the back of the camera

Notes and references[]

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