Agfa Silette LK Sensor is a 35mm film viewfinder camera made by Agfa, Germany and introduced in 1969.

It belongs to the long lasting Silette series. Red "Sensor" shutter release button is the distinctive mark of Agfa cameras in the seventies. It was probably the shortest and softest shutter release pressure in its time. Camera shake is reduced so effectively. The exposure meter is displayed at the top of the housing and viewfinder. The Agfa Silette LK, incidentally no rewind.

In 1973 Silette LK Sensor's top housing was made by plastic.[1]


  • Lens: Agfa Color - Agnar 45mm f/2.8
    • Aperture: f/2.8 -f /22, stepless allowing foreasy adjustment with the TTL meter; setting: ring and scale on the back of the lens
    • Focus range: 1-5m +inf.
  • Focusing: front ring manual focus, w/ DOF scale
  • Shutter: Parator speeds: 30, 60, 125, 300 +B, extremely quiet; setting : ring and scale on the lens
  • Shutter release: Red "Sensor" shutter release button, very smooth and sensitive so no camera shake
  • Cable release socket: on the back of the top plate
  • Exposure meter: TTL (coupled to the lens) Selenium Optima 200 Sensor
  • Exposure setting:
    • Via the small needle window on the top plate,
    • Via the indicator in the viewfinder, set the speed and turn the aperture ring
  • Film speed range: ASA 25-400 (DIN 15-27), setting knob and scales on the lens
  • Viewfinder: bright frame finder,
  • Cocking lever: also winds the film, short stroke, on the left of the bottom plate
  • Frame counter: advance type, manual reset by a button behind the counter window, on the bottom plate
  • Re-wind release and re-winding: the black lever marked R and arrow on the right lower side of the lens releases and engages the reversing gear thus the cocking and winding lever is the re-wind lever now
  • Flash PC socket: none, you can use a flash sync. cord with an Agfa flash adapter
  • Hot-shoe: flash sync. bulbs 1/30, electronic all speeds
  • Self-timer: none
  • Back cover: hinged, opens by a latch on the right side of the camera
  • Film loading: special easy quick loading system
  • Body: metal
  • Tripod socket: 1/4"

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. According to McKeown's p.35


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