The Optima 6000 pocket sensor is a viewfinder camera for type 110 pocket film cartridges. As part Agfa's main line of pocket cameras it has the Close-reopen mechanism for shutter cocking and film advance, as well as the red sensor button as shutter release. The cocking mechanism of the Optima 6000 also cocks its self-timer. Like the other Optima pockets and Agfamatic pockets of the first series it has a flash cube connector, and as a top-of-the-line product it has an additional special hot shoe for the Optima pocket lux electronic flash. On the camera bottom, opposite to the sensor button on top, there is the camera unlocking switch. When unlocked the camera expands itself to operational length, with viewfinder and lens opened. So the camera allows one-hand operation.


  • Type: pocket camera
  • Manufacturer: Agfa
  • Year of launch: 1975
  • Film: 110 film cartridges
  • Lens: Agfa Solinar 1:2.7
  • Exposure: controlled by CdS-meter
  • Focusing: thumb-wheel on top with distance symbols and meter scale from 0.8 m to infinity
  • Viewfinder: optical, bright frame, with pointer indicating selected distance on symbol scale
  • Film advance: Close-reopen advance mechanism, activated by shutter release for next frame
  • Flash: connector for Pocket Lux flash, plus additional flash cube plug