The Agfa Optima Sensor 335 was the base model of range of Optima Sensor cameras made by Agfa in 1978. It was a small, rectangular 35mm film viewfinder camera.[1]

The 335 had a 40mm f3.5 Agnatar lens, with three-zone focusing, stopping down to f22. The shutter is Agfa Paratronic. The large red shutter-release button was fitted into the top of the advance lever, with a cable release socket on the (user's) right side of the body.

The rewind release was next to the shutter release on the top plate; this was rotated to an "R" mark for rewinding, when, unusually, the winding lever was also used for rewinding instead of a separate rewind crank.

On the front of the lens barrel, inside the lens' filter thread, there was a CdS metering cell mounted at the bottom, and a film speed dial at the top. The shutter speed was set electronically between 1/30 & 1/300s.

The window on the edge beside the shutter release contains the frame counter. On the left-hand end was a tripod socket.

The bright-line viewfinder had parallax correction marks.

Notes and references[]

  1. Electronic sensor series replaced Optima 200 and 500 Sensor cameras. Their features are black body with large bright-frame viewfinder and automatic exposure control with electronic shutter.


  • Optima Sensor 335 instruction manual
  • Optima Sensor 335 Bedienungsanleitung