Optima 1535 Electronic Sensor is a 35mm film rangefinder camera made by Agfa and introduced in 1979. The camera is in the range of long lasting Agfa Optima Sensor series.[1]

Sensor 1535 is the only Optima Sensor camera with a built-in rangefinder. It has the typical Optimas' big finder, but combined with a superimposed coupled rangefinder. Shutter speed is controlled electronically by a CdS meter, with Paratronic with speeds from 15-1/1000. The lens is Agfa Solitar S 40mm f/2.8. Its very special feature is the film advance lever which is also the film rewind lever.

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  1. Electronic sensor series replaced Optima 200 and 500 Sensor cameras. Their features are black body with large bright-frame viewfinder and automatic exposure control with electronic shutter.

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