Isoly is a series of medium format viewfinder film cameras made by Agfa and produced between 1960-71.

These cameras use 120 film for 16 frames of 4x4cm, the reduction of 6x6cm. Also, diapositive films can be used. The different models are distinguished by their lens & shutter specifications. They also offered with different lens options also. Isoly, later renamed Isoly I was the basic model.

The Isoly name used again in 1980s for a 35mm camera as Agfa Isoly 100.

Models [1][]

Isoly (original)[]

Isoly symbols.jpg
  • Introduced in 1960
  • Later cameras have the name Isoly I
  • There is a version with distance symbols with meter scale
  • Lens: Achromat f/8, (f/11 aperture opening is possible)
  • Shutter: everset leaf shutter with speeds 1/30 and 1/100 +B
  • Film guidance is bent for exact sharpening of the photos
  • Isoly was the model of the plastic toy camera Diana which has become, in the meantime, a cult.

Isoly Junior[]

  • Introduced in 1961
  • Cameras have the name Jsoly. The meaning of Jsoly: A long period in the past the "J" was synonymous with the "I" in German- but only in upper case letters.
  • Also known as Isoly 0 in UK only and as "Isoly Junior" everywhere else.
  • Meniscus lens f/11 and one speed shutter
  • Shutter release on the lens

Isoly II[]

Isoly II.jpg
  • Introduced in 1960
  • Later cameras have the name Isoly II
  • It was differed from the Isoly I by the better optics, eg. Color-Agnar 55mm f/6.3, (f/11 aperture opening is also possible)
  • Film guidance is not bent anymore

Isoly IIa[]

Agfa Isoly IIa

  • Produced between 1963-71
  • Same with Isoly II but with Color-Agnar 55mm f/5.6
  • Indeed, the most significant difference is in the Isoly label, that says "Isoly IIa"

Isoly III[]

  • Introduced in 1960
  • Some cameras have the name Isoly III
  • It was the top-of-the-line model of the Isoly series.
  • Shutter: Prontor S with speeds 1/30-1/250 +B
  • Lenses: Agnar or Apotar 60mm f/3.9
  • Double exposure prevention
  • Self timer

Isoly IIIa[]

  • Similar to Isoly III but with Color-Agnar 60mm f/3.5 lens in a Prontor shutter 250S


  • Introduced in 1962
  • Similar to Isoly IIa but built-in automatic Selenium cell lightmeter below the lens front
  • Green signs indicates in finder indicates the correct exposure
  • Color-Agnar 60mm f/3.5 lens in single-speed shutter

Notes and references[]

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