The Isolette II is the second in Agfa's Isolette series of medium format folders using 120 roll film. It was produced during the 1950s, and typically came equipped with an Apotar 85mm lens and a Prontor-S or Compur-Rapid shutter, though later models used the Prontor-SVS, and another very common version had a Pronto with smaller speed range.


Film is advanced manually by turning a film advance knob until the next frame number appears in the red window on the back of the camera.


This is a viewfinder camera, there is no provision for finding distance. Focus is made by estimating the distance to subject and controlling depth of field through f stop and shutter speed. A popular option was a rangefinder that clips on to the accessory plate. The camera comes equipped with a pc flash connection and a timer/delay for use with either flash bulbs or an electronic flash. When using an electronic flash the camera syncs at all speeds. Using modern 120 film and an electronic flash creates a very contrasty image. An inexpensive way to experience medium format photography.


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