Agfa Isolette I[edit | edit source]

The Isolette is a compact horizontal-folding camera for twelve 6×6 cm on 120 film. It was made by Agfa Kamerawerk AG, Munich, Germany. The Isolette I (1951-58) is, like the V, a rather low-specification model. It has a coated f/4.5 Agnar lens, and a synchronised Vario or Pronto shutter. Unlike the V, it has a body shutter release.

There are two versions of it:

  • 1951-54: the early version has a disc-shaped depth-of-field

calculator, mounted in a position matching that of the film advance knob, but on the right of the camera.

  • 1955-58: the depth-of-field calculator is now absent; some (but not

all) examples have DOF brackets marked on the face-plate of the shutter, around the focus scale of the lens. This model also has a slightly different cold shoe.


This is the second version (1955-58).

Agfa Isolette I - 2nd version.jpg
Agfa Isolette I.jpg

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