The Flexilette was unique TLR camera for 35mm film produced by Agfa c.1960 - 1961. The body was alike in size to a conventional 35mm viewfinder camera, but made a little taller with the extra lens and viewfinder grafted on.

This is an unusual design has viewing lens above taking lens in a round front panel. Basic body is that of Agfa Silette (1958) [1] The top plate houses the waist-level viewfinder, frame counter, shutter release and double-exposure release. The front of the viewfinder hood can be opened to form a sports finder. The winding lever and rewinder are on the base. Matched Agfa Color-Apotar 45mm f2.8 (to f22, focus 3 ft-inf.) lenses in Prontor Special leaf shutter, (1-1/500 +B).

Its successor is Agfa Optima Reflex.

These two cameras failed to compete with the burgeoning range of SLRs available at the time and the Optima Reflex was withdrawn in 1964. The Flexilette was also sold under the name Agfa Reflex.

Agfa reflex

Agfa Reflex image by John Nuttal

Notes and references[]

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