Adapters are available for a wide field of camera media, parts and accessories. Examples:

Lens adapter

A lens adapter is a device to mount lenses made for some type of camera on another camera for which they were not originally designed. See the main article on lens adapters.

Film adapter

The most common film adapter is the rollfilm back for plate cameras.[1] Plate adapters were attachable to some early 20th century rollfim cameras. 35mm film adapters were available for a few medium format cameras.

Memory card adapter

Micro SD cards are often sold together with an adapter for using them in Secure Digital card slots. Similar adapters for micro SD in XD-Picture Card slots are also available.

Tripod adapter

The simplest tripod adapter connects camera and tripod if they have different thread sizes.

Flash adapter

Modern cameras which usually use an own system flash can use old flashes with standard hot shoe with help of an adapter.

Battery adapter

  • Common battery types used in cameras and flashes are LR44, 625, AA, AAA, CR2 and CR123. Some older battery types are no more available. Some of these lost battery types can be replaced by common batteries in adapters.

Notes Edit

  1. Manufactured by Rada, Rollex, Tatro ("Adapt-A-Roll") and other accessory makers

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