The Adapt-A-Roll 620 is an adapter to use type No. 620 film rolls in cameras with Graphic (spring) backs. It was made in sizes to fit 2×3, 3×4, and 4×5in cameras. It was first made by L. Tatro Co. of Culver City, CA, later, without changes, by Ta-Mar Inc., also of Culver City. It was advertised for use on Press cameras.

The AAR 620 must take film up on a 620 spool but will feed film from a 120 spool. A peculiarity of the AAR 620 is that as delivered it takes film up with the emulsion side out; most roll holders take the film up emulsion side in. Some AAR 620s were modified to take film up normally, i.e., emulsion side in; normal AAR 620s hold the film flatter.

The images below show an AAR 620 for 2x3 cameras.

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