The Model R is a half-frame 127 film camera made by Acro circa 1940.

Technical Specifications[]

  • Type: 3x4 viewfinder
  • Film: 127 film
  • Picture Size: 3x4cm (aka 127 half-frame)
  • Lens: 2-inch anastigmat
  • Aperture: f/4.5 or f/3.5 to f/18
  • Shutter: Self-cocking. speeds 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200, B and T
  • Viewfinder: simple optical
  • Rangefinder: Uncoupled split image
  • Light meter: Extinction type
  • ARCO Rangefinder Camera 127 rollfilm - American Made Pre War(1940), made by Scientific products Company, Chicago U.S.A. , -VERY RARE in USA in 2012- Uncoated Wollensak Anastigmat lens 2" F:3.5 three element , Uncoupled Rangefinder 3~inf wheel knob, split view rangefinder clear type & DOF rotating scales, tubular viewfinder, extinction meter numbers 1~8 gray scale. Strong Bakelite body, lever locked back with dual red filters and rotating dial to cover them. Helicoil large focusing knob inf~3 feet, Known to Jam shut, if unused in many years, Lever latch below it may unlock? Negative size 3x4cm. Rangefinder housing is finished aluminium, very nice designing! The rangefinder is amazing for 1940 and very bright and split view type. Very good American designing similar to detrola 400.