Ōsaka Shashinki Shōkai (大阪写真機商会) was a Japanese distributor, which sold cameras by mail order. It is only known from a single advertisement, certainly dating from the 1910s; its address was Minami-ku Takatsu Hendensho-mae (南区高津変電所前) in Osaka..

Camera list:

  • Iris (5.5×8cm)
  • New Iris (5.5×8cm or 8×10.5cm)
  • Atom Hayatori Shashinki (アトム早取写真機, 4.5×6cm)
  • Taishō-shiki (大正式, perhaps 4×5cm)
  • Hayatori Renshūyō (早取練習用, perhaps 4×5cm)

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