Ōki Kōgaku Seiki Seisaku-sho (大木光学精機製作所, i.e. "Ōki precision machinery factory") was a Japanese company based in Tokyo, Arakawa.[1] It was the producer of two cameras during the Second World War, the Oko Six and Oko Semi. It probably made the four-element Oko or Okor lenses mounted on these cameras. It also made Hildar and Oscar lenses for the Semi Rosen U and Primo distributed by Ōsawa Shōkai.

List of cameras[]

List of lenses[]

The Hildar and Oscar lenses have three elements and are probably identical.[3] The Oko or Okor lens has four elements.[4]

Oscar Anastigmat f/5.6 lenses were also advertised on CH enlargers sold by Misuzu Shōkai.[5]


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