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• 7/21/2018

Is rick and Morty season 4 gonna be released?

As you know rick and Morty is a popular cartoon between people, of course many of you would be wondering if rick and Morty season 4 coming? Or season 3 is the last season? Well, good news: season 4 is coming!! because if you went to Twitter to adult swim twitter account and look up, you’re gonna see a tweet says: “See you for Season 4 in like a really long time #RickandMorty” so like you see ricl and morty is coming!! CANT WAIT!!

Now the release date: probably season 4 is coming in late 2019

People expect to see that when season 4 comes, Rick will have a beard, and there will be grandsons, and.. there will be 70 new more episodes!!!

So be ready until the next season!!
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• 8/7/2018
go to the rick and morty site
• 8/31/2018
wrong place
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